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Bandits on the Rise... literally.

Our session kicked off with all six characters represented – Breniadir, Ellisar, Groth, Merlin and Duncan dressed as Red Cloaks, and Eignler a well-treated captive in the bandit camp.

The group, minus Eignler, were perched just outside of the bandit camp, when the whistling call of a scout rang out. Breniadir mimicked the call, but grew tired with a repeated call and shot an arrow up at the scout.

From there, much confusion ensued as the druid Merlin stepped forward and demanded the bandits’ surrender, Breniadir kept firing arrows, and Duncan chose the path of diplomacy. After nearly coming to blows with the bandits, the group managed to talk their way into the camp, claiming to be Red Cloaks from “the camp up north” – a camp with a reputation for carnage and mayhem.

Duncan managed to talk one of the bandits into letting the group set up their own campfire to roast a boar, but promised to tell Padraig, the brute who led the bandits, that the new guys from the north were trouble.

Eignler, held captive, pressed his advantage with the amicable Ronan, who wanted the priest to join with the bandits. Merlin freed Eignler, and the trusting Ronan assumed this was because the priest had decided to join up. Not truly admitting to such, Eignler played along to gain his freedom.

Before long, the adventurers had many of the bandits in the camp merrily drinking and singing near their campfire. Duncan continued his investigative conversations, while Eignler engaged Ronan for more information, and learned that Red Shirt Robert was stealing to gather money to fund a takeover of the leadership of Oakheart. Ronan claimed that Red Shirt Robert, a failed ranger, was fed up with Oakheart owing fealty to the Kingdom in the North, and so was actively pursuing a coup.

Further, when Eignler expressed caution and doubt, Ronan revealed that Red Shirt Robert had a benefactor named Ambrusian, who he claimed was a sorceress of some power.

Meanwhile, Merlin engaged Padraig and told him stories of the northern bandits savagery, tales that delighted the barbarian’s ears. Encouraging the brute to drink more, Merlin played up the opportunity for Padraig to take leadership of the bandits and break away from Red Shirt Robert, and to take out the bandits not loyal to the barbarian.

After some bandits called it a night, the rest joined the erstwhile group near the adventurers and the drinking and merriment continued. Sensing a chance to take out a threat to the town, Eignler, who had been blessing the bandits’ drinks, slipped the party’s potion of levitation into Padraig’s drink. Hoisted into the air, the quite drunk barbarian carried on loudly, causing quite the distraction.

Merlin signaled time for Padraig to act, and the foolish brute knocked himself out with his own sword! As his men were lost in laughter, Duncan cast a Sleep spell and put to sleep the remaining bandits around the fire. Soon, the group had these bandits trussed up, and had roused the remaining ones and captured them as well.

The group searched the camp, finding a map and some tokens for plotting out raids as well as a silver necklace in Ronan’s tent. The group also searched Padraig’s tent, finding a hidden metal box with three potions and a chest full of coin, along with an ornamental silver shield.

The group trussed up the leaders of the bandits and made travois for carrying out their newfound loot. Soon, the group was marching back to town, which they reached at dawn. The group handed over the bandits to the authorities, Eignler adding that the bandits had treated him well as a brief captive, and Merlin adding to watch Ronan and Padraig with caution.

The group then met with the Grand Druid Niall, explaining the plot to him. He asked them to keep their eyes open for more bandit camps in their adventures, and rewarded them each with a brooch denoting their service to Oakheart, a symbol that should ensure more preferential treatment for the group in town, and also healed their wounds. Niall promised to meet with Lord Kleyla and Muireann, the other leaders in town.

The group then went their separate ways to rest, noting that the talk around town was that Farmer Brun’s farm had been hit by a “plague of locusts.” The family was holing up at the Temple of Valkyris, seeking succor there while trying figure out what to do next.

Total Session XP: 200 (before bonus)
Total Session Loot: 150 gp, potion of healing, potion of gaseous form, potion of growth


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