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It's A Bug Hunt

Squishing big bugs at the Bruns' Farm!

The party began a new day, fresh and rested from their previous activities capturing an entire bandit camp. With Duncan visiting family and Eignler constrained to temple duties, the remainder of the party headed to their favorite spots in town to see what was new.

The group learned about a recent disturbance at the Brun Farm, involving a large plague of locusts. Locating the family in town, the party listened to their story of quick escape, the Farmer Brun and his youngest son speaking of hearing animal cries and seeing larger, man-sized shapes moving in the midsts of the locusts.

Our intrepid adventures decided to investigate. Once at the farm, the party discovered several man-sized, locust-like insectoid creatures devouring some farm animals in the Brun family cabin. Making short work of these creatures, the group moved on to the barn, where they again discovered and dispatched the locust-men.

Searching the farm thoroughly, the group also found a larger locust-man, or perhaps a queen, which they successful vanquished. After disposing of the queen’s eggs, the group created a pyre to dispose of the slaughtered farm animals and defeated insectoids, and set things to right as best they could around the farm. The remaining smaller insects bugged out, the and party found two large jewels in the Brun’s barn, buried beneath the earth.

On their way home, the group was attacked by a large Worg, and engaged in a difficult battle, finally vanquishing the foul beast.

Upon returning to town, the group informed the Bruns of their success in driving off the insects, and shared a jewel with the farmer to help him replenish his dead stock. The group enjoyed the fruits of their labor, as the townsfolk celebrated their good deeds in helping the Bruns, a well-liked family in town. Merlin seized the opportunity to have a leatherworker in town craft some hide armor from the pelt of the Worg the party felled on their way home.

The adventurers spent the remainder of their day learning about Margdar’s Magic Shop, and visiting the establishment. There, they met Margdar, a curious fellow with a deep, booming voice who wore a heavy robe, cowled hood, and gloves. Ellisar noted the tell-tale sign of pointed ears beneath the shopkeeper’s hood.

The group discussed the shopkeeper’s offer of treasure retrieval. Margdar explained that he’d sell a map to the players for 200gp and instructions upon a specific item he wanted retrieved. Upon retrieve, Margdar would then refund the 200gp plus an additional 100gp in exchange for the item. Any other treasure found could be kept by the party.

The group discussed the proposition while Merlin examined the goods in the magic store. The prices of the store were just as outrageous as the group had heard previously, and only some of the merchandise was truly magical, as Merlin discovered with his Detect Magic spell. Choosing a magic ring, Merlin tried to look at some of the merchandise, but an Alarm spell was triggered by removing the ring from it’s stand. Margdar retrieved the ring and asked Merlin to leave.

The group decided that the offer of item retrieval might be worthwhile, but decided to wait until further funds were available to pursue.

Loot: 20 gp a piece
XP: 110 xp before bonus

Party Totals for the adventure so far:

Loot: 282 GP total, minus things you’ve spent it on
XP: 504 XP total before bonuses


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