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On The Trail

Bandits Beware - Groth Gonna Cut You DOWN!

Cast: Groth the Dwarf Fighter, Breniadir the Human Ranger, Ellisar the Elven Fighter/Thief, Merlin the Human Druid, and newcomer Duncan the Human Wizard (played by HD).

The party kicked off the session by picking up where they were last time – hanging out in the Temple of Valkyris. Ossian, a human male Acolyte of Valkyris, and the other acolytes healed the party’s wounds and heard their story of adventure in vanquishing the Redcaps of Kira’s Grove.

From there the group met up with a fellow named Duncan, a peasant mage wandering outside the Green Golem, looking for group. His beacon was up so the party grabbed him and teleported to the instance.

The group touched base with Malachy, a Ranger of Oakheart assisting them in procuring a wagon, mule, and barrels for their ruse to lure out the bandits at the river bridge south of town. With the sun setting, the group spent some leisure time at their favorite taverns or inn.

Duncan spoke the Angthor, the dwarven proprietor of Ward’s Hostel, and learned that there were rumors of the Redcloak Bandits being lead by a man named Red Shirt Robert. There was also talk of a wagon attacked north of town, but that wagon escaped and made it town.

The rest of the crew supped at the Green Golem, where Merlin noticed a posting for Margdar’s Magic Shop looking for treasure seekers. A patron of the tavern noted that the man who hung the notice was robed with a heavy cowl – then noted that it was actually his friend Bradon who told him about the patron who posted the notice. The group also heard a rumor that Niall, the grand druid of Oakheart, had learned that one of his druids had not reported in recently, and was interested in locating her.

Deciding to stay on task, the party rested, met up at the stables in the morning, hitched their wagon to a broken down old mule, and set about plotting their ruse to lure the bandits. Merlin gave the mule, now christened Trailmix, a stern talking to, and after some snotting and merry braying laughter, the two formed a close bond that surely will last lifetimes.

Their trusty steed girded for war, the party set out for the bridge with Breniadir and Merlin disguised up front, and the rest hiding behind barrels in the back of the covered wagon.

Not long after the group approached the bridge, 6 bandits leapt from the nearby foliage and attacked! Two bandits were felled in the first round by Groth and Breniadir, but with Merlin suddenly gigging Trailmix on, Ellisar and Duncan were thrown from the wagon. Two bandits set upon them with fury, and both men fell, bloodied and dying.

The following round, Groth covered the bandits to the south end of the bridge, cutting down one, while Breniadir and Merlin rushed to aid their fallen comrades. Kira’s potions of healing were put to good use, saving both Duncan and Ellisar at their last moments, both men gasping for breath as their souls prepared to flee their bodies. Healed, the two were able to sit up and steel themselves for the next attack.

The last bandit engaged with Groth struck him, but the stout dwarf laughed off the hit. Breniadir two was nicked with arrows from the remaining bandits, but took no lasting damage (GM’s note: memory failing me here). After Groth made quick work of the last bandit to the south, as the fellow ran to steal the wagon, the final two bandits threw down their bows and surrendered.

The group questioned the bandits, some offering understanding (Duncan), others promoting justice (Breniadir), with others still promising pain and death (Merlin). The bandits spilled what knowledge they had, describing their camp after Breniadir found a game trail leading that way. After much deliberation, the Apprentice Ranger set the men free with only their pants, and had them run south.

Merlin asked Trailmix the mule to head back to town to Kira. “Tell Kira to send healing potions,” Merlin said. “She’ll give you some oats.” The mule simply brayed but turned and headed back north towards town, his wagon now laden with the four bodies of dead bandits.

From there the party turned it’s attention to following the game trail back to the bandit’s camp. After a few hours, the group noticed a wild boar on the trail. The beast charged forward with madness in its eyes, but was easily felled by the party. Continuing on their trail, a few hours later the party came upon the bandit’s camp.

Turning a corner in the path, Breniadir saw open before him a small valley, lined with several (about 20) tents. Soon after, the party heard strange whistling – intentional, sounding somewhat like a signal or call…

Total Session XP: 370, or 74 per Character (before bonuses)
Total Loot: 60 gp and an Amethyst (100 gp) (factored into the XP total above)


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