Oakheart - Swords & Wizardry

Shadows, Black Books, Rings and Places from the Past...

"I push Uma into the mud!"

This session began with Duncan, Merlin, Groth and Breniadir finally investigating that map they purchased from Margdar’s Magic Shop. With instructions from the curious shop owner and a promise of the return of their 200 gp plus an additional 100 gp if they returned with the item, the group was off.

The hunt was on for a mysterious black book with a large silver skull clasp. Before departing, the group looked into hiring some help to support them along the way. In short order, Uma the Human Linkboy and Badi Tailkeek the Elven Fighter/Cleric were on the team. The group loaded up Trailmix the Mule with supplies and off they went.

The travel to the location divined by Margdar was uninterrupted, but soon the party bogged down in the search for the lost messenger and the relic he carried. The group camped in a secure spot overnight, after finding an old, unused road through the forest.

The next day, the team finally found the site of the relic, where an old tree had been uprooted and pushed onto the old road. Underneath lied a dessicated skeleton, clutching a surprisingly unweathered leather bag.

The group attempted to retrieve the bag, but Breniadir and Groth were attacked by shadowy figures. A furious battle ensued, with Groth losing strength to the touch of the shadow-creatures, but eventually the group prevailed in victory over the evil spirits. Retrieving the book, Groth shook of a strange feeling of fear. The group headed for home. Duncan also found a signet ring on the sooty hand of the long-dead messenger.

Along the way, very close to town, the group encountered strange rat-like humanoid undead. These creatures perished easily when matched with the party, but their proximity to the town was a cause of concern for several members of the group. Nonetheless, the team soldiered on and made a late night visit to Margdar’s shop, finding the enigmatic figure awaiting their return.

Duncan unfortunately succumbed to the book’s dark curse and was scared out of his wits, fleeing the shop when he tried to handle the book. But the group was in short order rewarded for their efforts, and then proposition by Margdar to take on a far greater challenge.

The party listened intently as Margdar described his next location for treasure retrieval – the Lost Tower of Azcagardhain. This map and knowledge, however, would cost the team 350 gp, but would return a total of 500 upon the retrieval of the relic – a large translucent red egg.

The party’s interest was peaked, but so was their caution. Still, the lure of the 150 gp payout, as well as the awesome opportunity of a lost wizard’s tower, was too much to bear. They purchased the map, and began discussing the need for provisions and transport.

Margdar reminded the group several times to be swift in the return of the relic-egg – adamant that it be brought to him before hatching. The time needed to delve for the relic was unspecified, however, and the strange man seemed to care not for the length of time needed to discover the item – only that it be returned quite rapidly when found and handled.

With that settled, the group set about searching for new hirelings (poor Uma was quite picked on by Groth, who kicked him in the mud and upset his ice cream cone…) and gathering the necessary provisions from the Rangers, including horses and proper camping gear. Duncan sought out and hired a sage to look into the signet ring from the lost messenger in the meantime.

Loot: 120 gp each
XP: 150 xp each


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