Duncan al'Greth

Magic-user for the little guy.


Human Magic-user
Level: 1

Str: 8
Dex: 11
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 11
Cha: 16

HP: 4
ST: 15
AC: 10

Special Abilities: +2 on saves vs spells, wands, staves


Duncan carries his grandfather’s staff. The one he leaned on to simply cross their one room farm house. The staff is gnarled and old and Duncan proudly wields it.

He barely knew sustenance growing up, knew hard work more. His frame was always thin, still is, looking malnourished, yet tanned from years of outdoor labor. All Duncan had, outside of a loving family, was his mind. And that was noticed by Hermit Hubert, an aging sage with some knowledge of the arcane. Knowing Duncan to be a rare find, the hermit turned local tailor instructed Duncan in the ways of magic. Through it all, never once allowing Duncan to forget his humble roots.

From the poor farmers outside of Oakheart, he emerged. Gnarled staff, patchwork robe, clothing handed down, mended, handed down once more. His spellbook with a cover of flimsy leather, rolled like parchment and hanging from his belt. And into the world of adventure he goes, magic and a hero for the forgotten his strengths.

Duncan al'Greth

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