Oakheart - Swords & Wizardry

Investigating the Raided Caravan
These merchants are acting awfully strange...

The party began their day working to secure supplies and hirelings for their planned expedition to the Lost Tower of Azcagardhain, with their map purchased from Margdar and their instructions to take the time they need to delve the ruins, but hastily return with the translucent red egg once they find it.

As the team went about their preparations, Breniadir heard of a recent raid on a caravan north of Oakheart. A ranger was dispatched with support from the town guard, and the group was overdue in their return. A senior Ranger asked Breniadir to look into the matter if the group was heading north.

After speaking with the merchants, who definitely seemed overly worried about both their sacks and grains and a missing lockbox, the party decided to hold off on their expedition and investigate the attack on the caravan. The merchants, Gremmen and Forbin, offered 50 gp for the return of their grain, and 400 gp for the return of the lockbox – unopened.

Leaving Eignler, Duncan, and the newly hired Mordcant the Blue, Septimus the Linkboy and Arni the Craftsman behind to finish preparations for the delve to the tower, the group headed out to investigate the attack caravan.

Not far from town the group found the wreckage, and cautiously approached. The group avoided being surprised by an ambush from slime-colored Greenskin Orcs that remained to harass investigators. Making quick work of the orcs, the team then parsed through the wreckage, finding the lockbox missing, three dead merchants, and some items belonging to the ranger and town guards who were sent to find out what happened.

The group also noticed that one of the bags of grain contained a slick, oily substance. Merlin determined that the substance was poison. Finding a trail leading deeper into the forest, and evidence of orc tracks and drag marks leading the way, the party followed to learn more.

The group followed the trail to an old forest cave, engaging with a lookout just outside the entrance. Inside, the group fought two more Greenskin Orcs, and attracted others. First two more orcs joined, but these were also dispatched. Just as the party was reeling from their wounds, four more Orcs attacked from deeper in the caves. The battle was furious, but eventually our heroes prevailed.

The group discovered an underground river and more sacks of poisoned grain in one direction of the caves. In another they found two dead guards, as well as the Ranger and another guard who, while weakened, had not yet been killed, roasted and eaten. The party learned from the Ranger that the chieftain and his companion resided in the cavern beyond, and that they had vanquished all remaining orcs based on the head count given by these survivors. Taking up bows and arrows, the ranger and guard joined the group as they moved forward to finish the job of clearing the orc caves.

With some deadly aim, the party quickly killed the chieftain’s consort, sending the burly orc into a rage. It was for naught, for though the orc killed the remaining guard, the rest of the party vanquished the bestial humanoid and claimed victory. Inside his lair they found the missing lockbox, more sacks of grain, and a chest of loot.

XP: Everyone Makes 2nd Level!! Group decided keeping XP was no fun – we’ll be leveling up on GM decision.

Loot: 600 gp, 1000 sp, an ornamental but functional silver short sword worth 90 gp, and a Yellow Topaz gem worth 360 gp

Lockbox: several gems and coins, forged documents regarding the legitimacy of their mercantile concerns, a forged bill of sale for the goods, and a letter detailing the plot to delivery the tainted grain to the stables of the Rangers and town guard, signed by “Ambrusian.”

Shadows, Black Books, Rings and Places from the Past...
"I push Uma into the mud!"

This session began with Duncan, Merlin, Groth and Breniadir finally investigating that map they purchased from Margdar’s Magic Shop. With instructions from the curious shop owner and a promise of the return of their 200 gp plus an additional 100 gp if they returned with the item, the group was off.

The hunt was on for a mysterious black book with a large silver skull clasp. Before departing, the group looked into hiring some help to support them along the way. In short order, Uma the Human Linkboy and Badi Tailkeek the Elven Fighter/Cleric were on the team. The group loaded up Trailmix the Mule with supplies and off they went.

The travel to the location divined by Margdar was uninterrupted, but soon the party bogged down in the search for the lost messenger and the relic he carried. The group camped in a secure spot overnight, after finding an old, unused road through the forest.

The next day, the team finally found the site of the relic, where an old tree had been uprooted and pushed onto the old road. Underneath lied a dessicated skeleton, clutching a surprisingly unweathered leather bag.

The group attempted to retrieve the bag, but Breniadir and Groth were attacked by shadowy figures. A furious battle ensued, with Groth losing strength to the touch of the shadow-creatures, but eventually the group prevailed in victory over the evil spirits. Retrieving the book, Groth shook of a strange feeling of fear. The group headed for home. Duncan also found a signet ring on the sooty hand of the long-dead messenger.

Along the way, very close to town, the group encountered strange rat-like humanoid undead. These creatures perished easily when matched with the party, but their proximity to the town was a cause of concern for several members of the group. Nonetheless, the team soldiered on and made a late night visit to Margdar’s shop, finding the enigmatic figure awaiting their return.

Duncan unfortunately succumbed to the book’s dark curse and was scared out of his wits, fleeing the shop when he tried to handle the book. But the group was in short order rewarded for their efforts, and then proposition by Margdar to take on a far greater challenge.

The party listened intently as Margdar described his next location for treasure retrieval – the Lost Tower of Azcagardhain. This map and knowledge, however, would cost the team 350 gp, but would return a total of 500 upon the retrieval of the relic – a large translucent red egg.

The party’s interest was peaked, but so was their caution. Still, the lure of the 150 gp payout, as well as the awesome opportunity of a lost wizard’s tower, was too much to bear. They purchased the map, and began discussing the need for provisions and transport.

Margdar reminded the group several times to be swift in the return of the relic-egg – adamant that it be brought to him before hatching. The time needed to delve for the relic was unspecified, however, and the strange man seemed to care not for the length of time needed to discover the item – only that it be returned quite rapidly when found and handled.

With that settled, the group set about searching for new hirelings (poor Uma was quite picked on by Groth, who kicked him in the mud and upset his ice cream cone…) and gathering the necessary provisions from the Rangers, including horses and proper camping gear. Duncan sought out and hired a sage to look into the signet ring from the lost messenger in the meantime.

Loot: 120 gp each
XP: 150 xp each

Where'd That Druid Go?
Or, Merlin Meets a Girl!

After resting up a few days and awaiting the return of Duncan, the party set out again to find adventure. After revisiting the idea of taking on Margdar’s quest for treasure (based on a 200gp deposit on a map), the group decided to look into Niall’s missing druid.

Niall revealed that the druid, a half-elven female named Sile, kept a camp not far from the north road, and normally checked in every week or so. At this point, she was almost 5 days past due, and while not fretting, Niall did want someone to look into the matter. He also told the party Sile was known for her three wolf companions.

The group geared up (picking up new armor – plate for Groth, chain for Breniadir, and hide for Merlin) and headed out to the camp. Arriving late in the evening, the group discovered two slain wolves at the camp, and heard a scuffle coming from the cabin. Investigating further, the team found a wounded wolf protecting a pouch being attacked by a large lizardman and four smaller ones.

The group aided the wolf and vanquished the lizardmen. After Merlin befriended the wolf, the group discovered the creature was guarding Sile’s pouch, which contained some weapons, trinkets and a healing balm. The wolf obviously wanted the party to follow, and so soon the party began tracking the wolf south through the woods.

By dusk, the group came to a circle of standing stones, guarded by another wolf pack. Sile’s wolf barked at the circle wolves, who then calmed down. The party investigated the circle, finding several dead lizardmen and wolves nearby. The group made camp for the evening while Merlin studies stones. Merlin learned that the stones bound whatever was in the circle during a full moon.

Moving on, Sile’s wolf lead the party to a moor, where they found a sunken ziggurat, topped by a large horned skull alter. There the group encountered more lizardmen, who they defeated with the help of a well-timed Sleep spell by Duncan.

The group explored the underground area of the ziggurat, finding a nest of the smaller lizardmen, who the party easily dispatched. Further into the temple, the group fought a large lizard in a pit, then traveled to the final room of the temple, where they found a robed lizardman, two smaller servants, and Sile chained to the wall next to a large altar, where a large amount of coins were resting in a stone brazier.

The group fought a hard, pitched battle against the foes, but were able to rescue Sile and cut down the villains. The group recovered a large amount of coins as well as a book dedicated to a god named Volguus Zildrohar, to whom the temple was dedicated.

Sile taught Merlin the recipe for the healing balm that the group found in her pack, created using rare herbs harvested during the full moon. Upon return to the town, Niall also rewarded the group with a clerical scroll of Cure Light Wounds and Speak With Animals and an arcane scroll of Slow as reward.

Note on Healing Balm:
It takes several days (2d6) to brew the herb mixture, and makes as many applications as days to brew. The herbs must be collected at the full moon for the mixture to take effect.

Loot: 362gp
XP: 500xp before bonuses

It's A Bug Hunt
Squishing big bugs at the Bruns' Farm!

The party began a new day, fresh and rested from their previous activities capturing an entire bandit camp. With Duncan visiting family and Eignler constrained to temple duties, the remainder of the party headed to their favorite spots in town to see what was new.

The group learned about a recent disturbance at the Brun Farm, involving a large plague of locusts. Locating the family in town, the party listened to their story of quick escape, the Farmer Brun and his youngest son speaking of hearing animal cries and seeing larger, man-sized shapes moving in the midsts of the locusts.

Our intrepid adventures decided to investigate. Once at the farm, the party discovered several man-sized, locust-like insectoid creatures devouring some farm animals in the Brun family cabin. Making short work of these creatures, the group moved on to the barn, where they again discovered and dispatched the locust-men.

Searching the farm thoroughly, the group also found a larger locust-man, or perhaps a queen, which they successful vanquished. After disposing of the queen’s eggs, the group created a pyre to dispose of the slaughtered farm animals and defeated insectoids, and set things to right as best they could around the farm. The remaining smaller insects bugged out, the and party found two large jewels in the Brun’s barn, buried beneath the earth.

On their way home, the group was attacked by a large Worg, and engaged in a difficult battle, finally vanquishing the foul beast.

Upon returning to town, the group informed the Bruns of their success in driving off the insects, and shared a jewel with the farmer to help him replenish his dead stock. The group enjoyed the fruits of their labor, as the townsfolk celebrated their good deeds in helping the Bruns, a well-liked family in town. Merlin seized the opportunity to have a leatherworker in town craft some hide armor from the pelt of the Worg the party felled on their way home.

The adventurers spent the remainder of their day learning about Margdar’s Magic Shop, and visiting the establishment. There, they met Margdar, a curious fellow with a deep, booming voice who wore a heavy robe, cowled hood, and gloves. Ellisar noted the tell-tale sign of pointed ears beneath the shopkeeper’s hood.

The group discussed the shopkeeper’s offer of treasure retrieval. Margdar explained that he’d sell a map to the players for 200gp and instructions upon a specific item he wanted retrieved. Upon retrieve, Margdar would then refund the 200gp plus an additional 100gp in exchange for the item. Any other treasure found could be kept by the party.

The group discussed the proposition while Merlin examined the goods in the magic store. The prices of the store were just as outrageous as the group had heard previously, and only some of the merchandise was truly magical, as Merlin discovered with his Detect Magic spell. Choosing a magic ring, Merlin tried to look at some of the merchandise, but an Alarm spell was triggered by removing the ring from it’s stand. Margdar retrieved the ring and asked Merlin to leave.

The group decided that the offer of item retrieval might be worthwhile, but decided to wait until further funds were available to pursue.

Loot: 20 gp a piece
XP: 110 xp before bonus

Party Totals for the adventure so far:

Loot: 282 GP total, minus things you’ve spent it on
XP: 504 XP total before bonuses

Bandits on the Rise... literally.

Our session kicked off with all six characters represented – Breniadir, Ellisar, Groth, Merlin and Duncan dressed as Red Cloaks, and Eignler a well-treated captive in the bandit camp.

The group, minus Eignler, were perched just outside of the bandit camp, when the whistling call of a scout rang out. Breniadir mimicked the call, but grew tired with a repeated call and shot an arrow up at the scout.

From there, much confusion ensued as the druid Merlin stepped forward and demanded the bandits’ surrender, Breniadir kept firing arrows, and Duncan chose the path of diplomacy. After nearly coming to blows with the bandits, the group managed to talk their way into the camp, claiming to be Red Cloaks from “the camp up north” – a camp with a reputation for carnage and mayhem.

Duncan managed to talk one of the bandits into letting the group set up their own campfire to roast a boar, but promised to tell Padraig, the brute who led the bandits, that the new guys from the north were trouble.

Eignler, held captive, pressed his advantage with the amicable Ronan, who wanted the priest to join with the bandits. Merlin freed Eignler, and the trusting Ronan assumed this was because the priest had decided to join up. Not truly admitting to such, Eignler played along to gain his freedom.

Before long, the adventurers had many of the bandits in the camp merrily drinking and singing near their campfire. Duncan continued his investigative conversations, while Eignler engaged Ronan for more information, and learned that Red Shirt Robert was stealing to gather money to fund a takeover of the leadership of Oakheart. Ronan claimed that Red Shirt Robert, a failed ranger, was fed up with Oakheart owing fealty to the Kingdom in the North, and so was actively pursuing a coup.

Further, when Eignler expressed caution and doubt, Ronan revealed that Red Shirt Robert had a benefactor named Ambrusian, who he claimed was a sorceress of some power.

Meanwhile, Merlin engaged Padraig and told him stories of the northern bandits savagery, tales that delighted the barbarian’s ears. Encouraging the brute to drink more, Merlin played up the opportunity for Padraig to take leadership of the bandits and break away from Red Shirt Robert, and to take out the bandits not loyal to the barbarian.

After some bandits called it a night, the rest joined the erstwhile group near the adventurers and the drinking and merriment continued. Sensing a chance to take out a threat to the town, Eignler, who had been blessing the bandits’ drinks, slipped the party’s potion of levitation into Padraig’s drink. Hoisted into the air, the quite drunk barbarian carried on loudly, causing quite the distraction.

Merlin signaled time for Padraig to act, and the foolish brute knocked himself out with his own sword! As his men were lost in laughter, Duncan cast a Sleep spell and put to sleep the remaining bandits around the fire. Soon, the group had these bandits trussed up, and had roused the remaining ones and captured them as well.

The group searched the camp, finding a map and some tokens for plotting out raids as well as a silver necklace in Ronan’s tent. The group also searched Padraig’s tent, finding a hidden metal box with three potions and a chest full of coin, along with an ornamental silver shield.

The group trussed up the leaders of the bandits and made travois for carrying out their newfound loot. Soon, the group was marching back to town, which they reached at dawn. The group handed over the bandits to the authorities, Eignler adding that the bandits had treated him well as a brief captive, and Merlin adding to watch Ronan and Padraig with caution.

The group then met with the Grand Druid Niall, explaining the plot to him. He asked them to keep their eyes open for more bandit camps in their adventures, and rewarded them each with a brooch denoting their service to Oakheart, a symbol that should ensure more preferential treatment for the group in town, and also healed their wounds. Niall promised to meet with Lord Kleyla and Muireann, the other leaders in town.

The group then went their separate ways to rest, noting that the talk around town was that Farmer Brun’s farm had been hit by a “plague of locusts.” The family was holing up at the Temple of Valkyris, seeking succor there while trying figure out what to do next.

Total Session XP: 200 (before bonus)
Total Session Loot: 150 gp, potion of healing, potion of gaseous form, potion of growth

On The Trail
Bandits Beware - Groth Gonna Cut You DOWN!

Cast: Groth the Dwarf Fighter, Breniadir the Human Ranger, Ellisar the Elven Fighter/Thief, Merlin the Human Druid, and newcomer Duncan the Human Wizard (played by HD).

The party kicked off the session by picking up where they were last time – hanging out in the Temple of Valkyris. Ossian, a human male Acolyte of Valkyris, and the other acolytes healed the party’s wounds and heard their story of adventure in vanquishing the Redcaps of Kira’s Grove.

From there the group met up with a fellow named Duncan, a peasant mage wandering outside the Green Golem, looking for group. His beacon was up so the party grabbed him and teleported to the instance.

The group touched base with Malachy, a Ranger of Oakheart assisting them in procuring a wagon, mule, and barrels for their ruse to lure out the bandits at the river bridge south of town. With the sun setting, the group spent some leisure time at their favorite taverns or inn.

Duncan spoke the Angthor, the dwarven proprietor of Ward’s Hostel, and learned that there were rumors of the Redcloak Bandits being lead by a man named Red Shirt Robert. There was also talk of a wagon attacked north of town, but that wagon escaped and made it town.

The rest of the crew supped at the Green Golem, where Merlin noticed a posting for Margdar’s Magic Shop looking for treasure seekers. A patron of the tavern noted that the man who hung the notice was robed with a heavy cowl – then noted that it was actually his friend Bradon who told him about the patron who posted the notice. The group also heard a rumor that Niall, the grand druid of Oakheart, had learned that one of his druids had not reported in recently, and was interested in locating her.

Deciding to stay on task, the party rested, met up at the stables in the morning, hitched their wagon to a broken down old mule, and set about plotting their ruse to lure the bandits. Merlin gave the mule, now christened Trailmix, a stern talking to, and after some snotting and merry braying laughter, the two formed a close bond that surely will last lifetimes.

Their trusty steed girded for war, the party set out for the bridge with Breniadir and Merlin disguised up front, and the rest hiding behind barrels in the back of the covered wagon.

Not long after the group approached the bridge, 6 bandits leapt from the nearby foliage and attacked! Two bandits were felled in the first round by Groth and Breniadir, but with Merlin suddenly gigging Trailmix on, Ellisar and Duncan were thrown from the wagon. Two bandits set upon them with fury, and both men fell, bloodied and dying.

The following round, Groth covered the bandits to the south end of the bridge, cutting down one, while Breniadir and Merlin rushed to aid their fallen comrades. Kira’s potions of healing were put to good use, saving both Duncan and Ellisar at their last moments, both men gasping for breath as their souls prepared to flee their bodies. Healed, the two were able to sit up and steel themselves for the next attack.

The last bandit engaged with Groth struck him, but the stout dwarf laughed off the hit. Breniadir two was nicked with arrows from the remaining bandits, but took no lasting damage (GM’s note: memory failing me here). After Groth made quick work of the last bandit to the south, as the fellow ran to steal the wagon, the final two bandits threw down their bows and surrendered.

The group questioned the bandits, some offering understanding (Duncan), others promoting justice (Breniadir), with others still promising pain and death (Merlin). The bandits spilled what knowledge they had, describing their camp after Breniadir found a game trail leading that way. After much deliberation, the Apprentice Ranger set the men free with only their pants, and had them run south.

Merlin asked Trailmix the mule to head back to town to Kira. “Tell Kira to send healing potions,” Merlin said. “She’ll give you some oats.” The mule simply brayed but turned and headed back north towards town, his wagon now laden with the four bodies of dead bandits.

From there the party turned it’s attention to following the game trail back to the bandit’s camp. After a few hours, the group noticed a wild boar on the trail. The beast charged forward with madness in its eyes, but was easily felled by the party. Continuing on their trail, a few hours later the party came upon the bandit’s camp.

Turning a corner in the path, Breniadir saw open before him a small valley, lined with several (about 20) tents. Soon after, the party heard strange whistling – intentional, sounding somewhat like a signal or call…

Total Session XP: 370, or 74 per Character (before bonuses)
Total Loot: 60 gp and an Amethyst (100 gp) (factored into the XP total above)

Welcome to Oakheart
Session 1

Our Oakheart Swords and Wizardy Campaign kicked off in style with 5 out of a potential 6-and-2-occasional players.

Our cast for this evening:
Jeffrey – playing Ellisar the Elven Fighter/Thief/?
Rich – playing Eignler the Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric
Matt – playing Merlin the Human Druid
Brandon – playing Groth the Dwarven Fighter
Kelly – playing Breniadir the Human Ranger

After some explanation on the setting, player introductions and character introductions, we got the game underway.

The campaign started at the Green Golem, a tavern in Oakheart friendly to travelers and locals alike and known for it’s posting board for jobs and help needed in the area.

Our adventuring crew checked out the board and two posts caught their eye – a request to clear a grove of an infestation posted by a local druid and merchant named Kira, and a request for aid in investigating some recent caravan raids posted by town authorities.

Both jobs equally intrigued the party, but with a few members in need of some pipeweed the group decided to follow up with Kira first and her shop The Leaf and Smoke Shop in the Old Market Square section of town.

The normally-aloof Kira was visibly upset (and a bit mean about it) in her store, her shelves noticeably emptier than expected. She eagerly described the infestation of little creatures wearing red caps that sometimes use poisoned blades, and described her “witch’s grove” where they had taken up residence.

After some discussion Kira promised a reward of three potions, and even gave the party helpful advice in the form of describing a weed (known as Mother’s Kiss) that grows in her grove that could be chewed to offset the creature’s poison. The group agreed to help and left her shop.

Along the way to learn about the caravan raids, the group stopped by The Axe and Mace, a weapon shop run by an overbearing dwarf named Grundor. After he tried to sell the party a warhammer – successfully demonstrating it’s hitting power by destroying furniture in his shop, but failing to make the sale – Grundor sold the party cold-forged iron-tipped spears. Each person grabbed a spear, and the group was off.

Breniadir lead the group to the stables to see if he could catch a Ranger. One was present who was willing to discuss the caravan raids, and provided some information about them. THe group learned the bandits wore red cloaks, picked easy targets, avoided the Rangers and heavily armed caravans, and generally did not shed blood in their raids.

Breniadir and the Ranger devised a quick plan to disguise the group to go and bait the brigands, and the party departed leaving the Ranger to assemble wagon, mule, and rickety barrels for the ruse. The group openly wondered at payment for their future service.

Finally the group left the friendly confines of town and made the short trek two hours or so away to Kira’s grove. There in the clearing they saw the witch’s statue Kira had informed them of, as well as some of the Mother’s Kiss plant growing on the far side of the grove. After some peering and a little acting from Bren, the party agitated a group of redcaps to jump from their hiding spots and attack.

The 10 redcaps got the jump on the party, with half quickly casting some arcane spell that added illusory copies of themselves, while the rest ran forward to attack. Merlin ran to the Mother’s Kiss and grabbed two handfuls, stuffing one in his mouth. The party engaged in swings with the redcaps, with Bren in particular taking a few solid hits but shrugging off the effects of the poison.

Merlin watched as the witch statue turned a fired a blue beam of energy at him – filling him with confidence to hit better and harder with his attacks! He learned that he might be able to control the magic statue with a little concentration.

The melee ensued, with the party mowing down some of the redcaps while the mirror creatures in the second rank charged forward. Four redcaps fell from the first group as the party attack as the creatures fell to the second rank – only one was able to retreat and case the arcane duplicate spell on itself.

A furious fight ensued, with Eignler dropping his spear but felling the last redcap with his axe, Merlin using the statue to bless allies and dispel redcap copies, and actions both heroic and comical ultimately leading to the party prevailing – all miraculously alive, despite the twisted fey’s poisoned blades, ensorcelled bodies, numeric advantage and bad tempers.

Wounded by alive, the party nursed their wounds, found a collection of gems and coins in the redcaps’ hovels, and then returned to town. A gracious Kira rewarded them with three potions – two blue potions of Healing and a smoky grey potion of Levitation – and her thanks.

The group then retired for a quick rest at the Temple of Valkyris in Oakheart, welcomed by Eignler’s brethren. Eignler received healing for his valiant efforts as a member of the church, and the others were offered healing services for a 30 gp donation. Ellisar was removed from the temple and forbidden to return for the time being, thanks to his tossing a redcap’s severed head into the collection plate. Though the valiant clerics of Valkyris applaud the successful slaughter of evil foes, the prefer not to receive their heads.

The session ended with the party still deciding what to do about healing, with the prospect of the evening’s entertainment being provided in the form of baiting the brigands by the bridge south of town to attack a disguised caravan.

XP for the session: 600 total, 120 per character (including treasure XP)
Treasure: pink coral gem (100 gp), red spinel gem (100 gp), silver and gold ring (150 gp), 100 gp, 500 sp.

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