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Session 1

Our Oakheart Swords and Wizardy Campaign kicked off in style with 5 out of a potential 6-and-2-occasional players.

Our cast for this evening:
Jeffrey – playing Ellisar the Elven Fighter/Thief/?
Rich – playing Eignler the Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric
Matt – playing Merlin the Human Druid
Brandon – playing Groth the Dwarven Fighter
Kelly – playing Breniadir the Human Ranger

After some explanation on the setting, player introductions and character introductions, we got the game underway.

The campaign started at the Green Golem, a tavern in Oakheart friendly to travelers and locals alike and known for it’s posting board for jobs and help needed in the area.

Our adventuring crew checked out the board and two posts caught their eye – a request to clear a grove of an infestation posted by a local druid and merchant named Kira, and a request for aid in investigating some recent caravan raids posted by town authorities.

Both jobs equally intrigued the party, but with a few members in need of some pipeweed the group decided to follow up with Kira first and her shop The Leaf and Smoke Shop in the Old Market Square section of town.

The normally-aloof Kira was visibly upset (and a bit mean about it) in her store, her shelves noticeably emptier than expected. She eagerly described the infestation of little creatures wearing red caps that sometimes use poisoned blades, and described her “witch’s grove” where they had taken up residence.

After some discussion Kira promised a reward of three potions, and even gave the party helpful advice in the form of describing a weed (known as Mother’s Kiss) that grows in her grove that could be chewed to offset the creature’s poison. The group agreed to help and left her shop.

Along the way to learn about the caravan raids, the group stopped by The Axe and Mace, a weapon shop run by an overbearing dwarf named Grundor. After he tried to sell the party a warhammer – successfully demonstrating it’s hitting power by destroying furniture in his shop, but failing to make the sale – Grundor sold the party cold-forged iron-tipped spears. Each person grabbed a spear, and the group was off.

Breniadir lead the group to the stables to see if he could catch a Ranger. One was present who was willing to discuss the caravan raids, and provided some information about them. THe group learned the bandits wore red cloaks, picked easy targets, avoided the Rangers and heavily armed caravans, and generally did not shed blood in their raids.

Breniadir and the Ranger devised a quick plan to disguise the group to go and bait the brigands, and the party departed leaving the Ranger to assemble wagon, mule, and rickety barrels for the ruse. The group openly wondered at payment for their future service.

Finally the group left the friendly confines of town and made the short trek two hours or so away to Kira’s grove. There in the clearing they saw the witch’s statue Kira had informed them of, as well as some of the Mother’s Kiss plant growing on the far side of the grove. After some peering and a little acting from Bren, the party agitated a group of redcaps to jump from their hiding spots and attack.

The 10 redcaps got the jump on the party, with half quickly casting some arcane spell that added illusory copies of themselves, while the rest ran forward to attack. Merlin ran to the Mother’s Kiss and grabbed two handfuls, stuffing one in his mouth. The party engaged in swings with the redcaps, with Bren in particular taking a few solid hits but shrugging off the effects of the poison.

Merlin watched as the witch statue turned a fired a blue beam of energy at him – filling him with confidence to hit better and harder with his attacks! He learned that he might be able to control the magic statue with a little concentration.

The melee ensued, with the party mowing down some of the redcaps while the mirror creatures in the second rank charged forward. Four redcaps fell from the first group as the party attack as the creatures fell to the second rank – only one was able to retreat and case the arcane duplicate spell on itself.

A furious fight ensued, with Eignler dropping his spear but felling the last redcap with his axe, Merlin using the statue to bless allies and dispel redcap copies, and actions both heroic and comical ultimately leading to the party prevailing – all miraculously alive, despite the twisted fey’s poisoned blades, ensorcelled bodies, numeric advantage and bad tempers.

Wounded by alive, the party nursed their wounds, found a collection of gems and coins in the redcaps’ hovels, and then returned to town. A gracious Kira rewarded them with three potions – two blue potions of Healing and a smoky grey potion of Levitation – and her thanks.

The group then retired for a quick rest at the Temple of Valkyris in Oakheart, welcomed by Eignler’s brethren. Eignler received healing for his valiant efforts as a member of the church, and the others were offered healing services for a 30 gp donation. Ellisar was removed from the temple and forbidden to return for the time being, thanks to his tossing a redcap’s severed head into the collection plate. Though the valiant clerics of Valkyris applaud the successful slaughter of evil foes, the prefer not to receive their heads.

The session ended with the party still deciding what to do about healing, with the prospect of the evening’s entertainment being provided in the form of baiting the brigands by the bridge south of town to attack a disguised caravan.

XP for the session: 600 total, 120 per character (including treasure XP)
Treasure: pink coral gem (100 gp), red spinel gem (100 gp), silver and gold ring (150 gp), 100 gp, 500 sp.


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