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Where'd That Druid Go?

Or, Merlin Meets a Girl!

After resting up a few days and awaiting the return of Duncan, the party set out again to find adventure. After revisiting the idea of taking on Margdar’s quest for treasure (based on a 200gp deposit on a map), the group decided to look into Niall’s missing druid.

Niall revealed that the druid, a half-elven female named Sile, kept a camp not far from the north road, and normally checked in every week or so. At this point, she was almost 5 days past due, and while not fretting, Niall did want someone to look into the matter. He also told the party Sile was known for her three wolf companions.

The group geared up (picking up new armor – plate for Groth, chain for Breniadir, and hide for Merlin) and headed out to the camp. Arriving late in the evening, the group discovered two slain wolves at the camp, and heard a scuffle coming from the cabin. Investigating further, the team found a wounded wolf protecting a pouch being attacked by a large lizardman and four smaller ones.

The group aided the wolf and vanquished the lizardmen. After Merlin befriended the wolf, the group discovered the creature was guarding Sile’s pouch, which contained some weapons, trinkets and a healing balm. The wolf obviously wanted the party to follow, and so soon the party began tracking the wolf south through the woods.

By dusk, the group came to a circle of standing stones, guarded by another wolf pack. Sile’s wolf barked at the circle wolves, who then calmed down. The party investigated the circle, finding several dead lizardmen and wolves nearby. The group made camp for the evening while Merlin studies stones. Merlin learned that the stones bound whatever was in the circle during a full moon.

Moving on, Sile’s wolf lead the party to a moor, where they found a sunken ziggurat, topped by a large horned skull alter. There the group encountered more lizardmen, who they defeated with the help of a well-timed Sleep spell by Duncan.

The group explored the underground area of the ziggurat, finding a nest of the smaller lizardmen, who the party easily dispatched. Further into the temple, the group fought a large lizard in a pit, then traveled to the final room of the temple, where they found a robed lizardman, two smaller servants, and Sile chained to the wall next to a large altar, where a large amount of coins were resting in a stone brazier.

The group fought a hard, pitched battle against the foes, but were able to rescue Sile and cut down the villains. The group recovered a large amount of coins as well as a book dedicated to a god named Volguus Zildrohar, to whom the temple was dedicated.

Sile taught Merlin the recipe for the healing balm that the group found in her pack, created using rare herbs harvested during the full moon. Upon return to the town, Niall also rewarded the group with a clerical scroll of Cure Light Wounds and Speak With Animals and an arcane scroll of Slow as reward.

Note on Healing Balm:
It takes several days (2d6) to brew the herb mixture, and makes as many applications as days to brew. The herbs must be collected at the full moon for the mixture to take effect.

Loot: 362gp
XP: 500xp before bonuses


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